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About Us
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About Us

Rectigrade and more company Ltd is a revolutionary business setup targeted in highlighting business prospects and opportunities and driving positive visions around entrepreneurship, considering the immediate resources which are readily accessible to us.


Our core expertise

we concentrate on empowering individuals and groups and we encourage the development of associations to engage farmers and processors to maximise production and meet economies of scale to ensure in return they earn reasonable incomes to support their families and themselves.

Our greatest expertise is geared towards market information and strategizing the use of this information to benefit entrepreneurs and all other stakeholders. we place high priority to  our rural folks who are mainly farmers and have limitation to information on market demands and trends, access to competitive markets, access to social amenities such as portable water, health care, education centres and descent homes. The access to these needs have contributed immensely to the woe of our rural urban migration leaving the streets of our cities with filth, hawking, rough sleepers and unfortunately leading a lot of these people vulnerable to prostitution, sexual abuse, drugs, theft and robbery and all sorts of unsolicited activities on our streets.

Rectigrade and more company limited can be the starting point of your enterprise as they are supportive and knowledgeable with all the Ghanaian structures and processes. They are able to facilitate business surveys in Ghana and will remain your best contact if you plan to experience doing business in Ghana.


Our Concerns

We have carried on this mandate to contribute to curbing most of our social and societal matters which many at times is ignored from their roots. with consideration of our land mass totalling 238,533 sq kilometres which ………can be identified as prospects for food production, this encompassed with the conducive climatic conditions which is……………..

Our 10 administrative regions gives us the advantage to appreciate the micro benefits that can be derived from all the 10 regions considering their natural resources, their population classification, their skills, their traditions and beliefs which blend with their culture, the vegetative belt which determines the zones for a range of commodities that can be cultivated, the benefit of the volta lake which runs across the country connecting to other rivers and smaller lakes.

Our emphasis is to carry out micro concentration on the various communities to motivate them to carry out the traditional activities which in many villages are being abandoned  to seek for greener pastures in the cities. Though these cities hold uncertainty for what they can benefit from in the cities they are still bold enough to abandon what ever they have in the villages to gamble with their future since they see no hope with believing they can make it in their villages from their traditional activities which exist.


not only have we identified issues emanating from managing our rural communities, we also have emerged with our urban gardening which can be done for the purpose of:

  1. Recreation
  2. Access to fresh, clean and healthy vegetables
  3. Opportunity to have yous small mini project that can be run by you and your family, this improves the family bonding as well.
  4. making good use of the spaces around your house and also adding beauty with benefits to your compound.
  5. Great way of physically working out to ensure you burn some calories and keep fit.

this and many more are being presented in the most convenient way you can think of and it is gradually growing into a family that believes in taking care of their environment as well as taking care of themselves simultaneously.

Our advantages

We seek to make agriculture an interesting and lucrative venture for the youth especially and others who will want to do it for other benefits rather than a full time job to appreciate drawing closer to nature.

Our team comprises of passionate experts who enjoy what they do especially having their hands on the job. They are industry players and have great experience, networking and knowledge on what they do and above all they provide a perfect customer service to all their customers.






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